Waiting to Cross…

Grateful Blog Day 100: I waited 3 times on the highway today…once for a herd of deer another a herd of Bighorn sheep and then for a real live cattle drive…I was Grateful to be driving slow and sightseeing and to have met up with them during the day and not at night…stopped in at the famous Adel store (under new ownership) for gas and an ice cold coke…I’m Grateful for both since the next town is 90 miles away…Happy Trails!

About Dan Weber

Award Winning songwriter Dan Weber has been described as “The Classic, Mid-Life, Overnight Sensation.” A gifted storyteller and inspiring performer, in 2014 he Won 2nd place in the prestigious Woody Guthrie songwriting contest and was honored to become a rare 2-time finalist in the legendary Kerrville Folk Festival ‘New Folk’ competition. In 2014 he also received several other national songwriting contest honors. An ex-Park Ranger, Eagle Scout, ‘recovering’ Altar boy and lifelong ‘Deadhead’, he left his hometown of Rochester, NY in 1989 in a beat-up primer grey ‘78 Pontiac Trans-Am with a ‘guy named Joe’ he’d met in a bar the night before, and never looked back. Living first in Seattle, then in a sheepherder’s trailer in Utah’s remote Canyonlands National Park, he eventually moved to Portland, OR, and settled in a 1948 shipyard worker’s house in Vancouver, VA. Along the way he picked up stories and hitchhikers and eventually, picked up a guitar. Weber began performing at 40 and in a few short years was winning over audiences with energetic performances and hilarious stories from the roads he’s traveled. None other than legendary Folk troubadour Ramblin’ Jack Elliott said “I love Dan’s songs and he tells really good stories.” His songs have been described as ‘Timeless’ and ‘Authentic’ and his debut CD ‘Ash and Bone’ received accolades from American Songwriter Magazine and the UK’s Maverick Magazine said: “4 Stars: Has you hanging on to every word. That’s the touch of a true Master Craftsman songwriter.” There’s also been recognition from DJ’s: “’Hank and Jesus’ is easily the best folk song I heard last year” and The Victory Review magazine wrote “Weber's writing is as strong as any in the Contemporary Folk community. ‘Goodbye to Dad’ is one of the best original tunes that I have heard in a long time.” In 2015 Weber begins a new chapter with ‘What I’m Lookin’ For’: A 14 song CD of classic Americana that includes the stirring Folk tribute ‘Oh Woody’, Country-Roots on ‘Cowboy Style’, Bluegrass banjo/Dobro master Tony Furtado on several cuts, and the crowd sing-a-long favorite ‘(I Deal with) Crazy ALL Day’, an everyman’s anthem that is poised to be a breakout hit.
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One Response to Waiting to Cross…

  1. Pat Willey says:

    Just before you come back home, stop an cut a small branch of sage and put it on the dashboard, or under the seat of your truck. It will make the memories last a bit longer when you return.

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