The Canyons…


Grateful Blog Day 102: Woke up this morning to this scene in Mountain Time but still deep in the canyons of SE Oregon at Succor Creek.

Yesterday I wandered the canyons of Leslie Gulch, my new favorite place. The guide book said to take the right fork but the left fork looked steep–and more interesting. So I climbed over several plunge pools and rock faces and was treated to a solitary and beautiful side canyon few might ever venture to see. I lingered awhile, wary of my water supply and knowing I’d need to find another way back down. I was Grateful that my old desert Canyonlands Park Ranger instincts kicked in for I traversed a saddle or 2, dropped into a different side canyon and followed the wash safely back to the truck.

Its been an amazing trip…the weather’s cooperated, the scenery is incommparable…but mostly I’m Grateful to spend some time alone and let the land–the mountains, canyons, rivers and hot springs, work their magic on me.

And I’m Grateful finally for a bit of patience…its often hard to come by but out here on the dirt roads in the remote backcountry, patience isn’t just a virtue, its a survival skill,knowing that you’ve got to slow down on some pretty crazy and narrow roads…and stopping to remember where you’ve been and where you’re going…

About Dan Weber

Award winning songwriter Dan Weber is a storyteller in the long tradition of great singer-songwriters. In just 4 short years since his first performance, he has been reveling audiences with heartbreaking and funny songs, inspired and energetic performances, and hilarious, true stories from the road’s he’s travelled. A cowboy at heart, he was one of five National Finalists in the 2010 Dave Carter Memorial Songwriting Contest and was given the nickname ‘Dangerous Dan’ one cold, winter night in Toronto, Canada, by legendary songwriter Tom Russell. Just as likely to make you laugh or cry, Weber was a Winner of the West Coast Songwriter's Performing Songwriter Competition in both 2011 and 2009 and also won 2010 ‘Best Performer’ and ‘Best Song’ honors along with two separate ‘Song of the Year’ awards. Often backed by rollicking guitarist Jerry Towell, Weber is an emerging artist with original voice, an old soul, and a gifted storyteller not to be missed.
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  1. Diane Hurst says:

    This is a great picture!

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